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Vesconite solves rudder bearing problems for three vessels from one owner.

The first vessel a 170 m bulk carrier, originally built in 1997, was equipped with a rudder bearing having an outside diameter of 510 mm, an inside diameter of 425 mm and length of 400 mm. On 4 April 2002, when she was in dry dock in the Netherlands, well known for high quality workmanship and craftmanship, it was discovered that the wear of the rudder bearing was over class limits.

From the stock of the Netherlands distributor, Intertech bv, a new Vesconite bearing was supplied.

The shipyard commented on the ease of machining and the quick installation which proved helpful to get the ship sailing again soon.

The first vessel, a 170 m bulk grain carrier with a rating of 29 000 dwt.

On 23 January 2003, the owner of the vessel contacted the shipyard and asked for a quotation for Vesconite bearings for two further ships in their fleet.

The first of these was another bulk carrier built in 1985, with a length of 185 m and a grain capacity of 48 000 t.

The second was built in 1998, had a length of 172 m and dead weight tons of 29 000 t. Quotations for Vesconite bearings were supplied within a working day. The required sizes of the bearings required were as follows:

Outside diameter
Inside diameter
575 440 575
420 350 440
570 425 400

The Vesconite bearings were flown from the manufacturer to the Netherlands the next day where they were delivered to the yard.

All three vessels are multi-purpose bulk carriers used all over the world. The owner is known to choose quality products as the United States Coast Guard recently awarded the vessels a certificate of "ships under great overall condition".

The second vessel, another bulk carrier with length 185 m and a grain capacity of 48 000 t.

The third vessel, a 172 m bulk carrier with a grain capacity of 29 000t.