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Archimedes Screw

Vesconite very successfully used to replace bronze in the bottom bush of an Archimedes Screw.

The screw conveyor seen here conveys raw sewage on the incoming side of the plant to a higher level.

The force of gravity is then used to complete the recycling process.

Bottom section of an Archimedes screw showing synthetic fibres wrapped around bearing housing.

This is an immersed application running in extremely dirty water with a high content of solids and fibrous materials.

The bush is flushed and lubricated with recycled water

Cast steel shaft with stainless steel sleeve turning at 100 rpm in a Vesconite bush, 130 mm x 115 mm and 128 mm long (5" x 4.5" and 5" long)

Other Vesconite bushes used in Archimedes Screws:
Shaft diameter 100mm (4") at 110 rpm (100 mm (4") long bush)
Shaft diameter 165mm (6.5") at 90 rpm (170 mm (6.7") long bush)

Bottom housing with Vesconite bush inserted. Stub shaft shown on right (100rpm)

Vesconite, the bearing material of choice.

  • gives reduced wear on metal shafts - resulting in longer life
  • less affected by the dirty and abrasive conditions
  • operates in poor lubrication - water is an excellent lubricant
  • dimensionally stable, does not seize or swell in water
  • more economical than the bronze alternative
  • easier to machine than bronze
  • reduces downtime