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Vesconite bearings in Archimedes Screw pumps

Vesconite bearings have convincingly solved a major wear problem experienced on inclined Archimedes screw pumps used in sewage plants.

Archimedes screw pumps were manufactured by a company in the Netherlands for a customer in Austria.

Rotational speed20 RPM
Operating temperature10 kg/cm (1 MPa)
Surface pressure40C
Pumped mediumDirty sewage water
Bearing lubricationForced clean water
Shaft size130 mm
Housing size160 mm

The bearings were designed with a double flange to ensure retention in the housing. The bearings were split for installation purposes.

The screw and the casing before assembly

The previous material that was fitted was worn within 12 months.

The pumps were fitted with Vesconite. After 18 months of operation, there was no wear.

The low friction, low wear and dimensional stability in water make Vesconite an ideal bearing for immersed applications.

The Vesconite bearings fitted into the housing before installation.