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Front Suspension Pivot Bush for Back Hoe Loader - Vesconite Hilube

A manufacturer of earth moving equipment was looking for a bushing material which could withstand the abrasive dust and dirt traditionally associated with the earth moving environment.

Testing has proved that Vesconite Hilube offers a superior alternative to bronze for this exacting application.

Vesconite Hilube bushes were fitted to the pivot on the front suspension and were greased on assembly only. After 1500 hours the bushes were removed and no measurable wear could be detected. Compare this with bronze bushes which had to be replaced after 300 hours. These results are particularly impressive as the front suspension area is subject to high wear due to exceptional exposure to dirt and high loads.

An important benefit is the fact that even without supplementary lubrication, Vesconite Hilube bushes continue to operate with no measurable wear.

The shaft surface too showed no signs of measurable wear.

Advantages of Vesconite Hilube in this application include:

  • Long life: high wear of bronze avoided on both bushes and shaft
  • Saving in downtime
  • Resists dirty and dusty conditions
  • Needs no further lubrication after assembly