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Boiler Feeder Pump (HP-30 bar), Cup seal retainer, plunger and seal guide and guide retainer

Gland packing in a stuffing box was originally used as a pump case for a boiler feeder pump. The system continually leaked with a resulting drop in pressure. The plunger was damaged by the gland packing.

Maintenance was carried out once a week and the packing replaced every three months.

The pump was modified and a Vesconite cup seal retainer, plunger and seal guide and guide retainer were used to replace the stuffing box.

Gaco D1200 seals were used to seal the pump case. Continual water lubrication was used.

A boiler feeder pump (HP-30 bar) pumps water (70C) into a boiler at a heat treatment plant in a sewage works.

Vesconite proved very successful in this application:

  • the system sealed effectively
  • the correct pressure was maintained
  • wear on the plunger was reduced
  • longer life was recorded
  • less maintenance was needed

Cup seal retainer with plunger and seal guide made from Vesconite with a Gaco D1200 rubber seal in the forefront.

The Vesconite seal retainer (male) followed by the female rubber seal and then the plunger and seal guide.

Sketch showing the position of the Vesconite seal retainer (A), the Vesconite plunger and seal guide (B) and the Vesconite guide retainer (C)