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Brick Making Machines

Vesconite ready to fit bushes have proved a major cost saver in the dusty, abrasive and wet conditions associated with brick making machines.

The mould and tamper are guided by hard-chromed shafts. Initially bronze was used for the guide bushes, but the presence of water makes it difficult to lubricate the bronze bushes. Concrete, grit and dirt contaminate whatever lubrication remains, forming a grinding paste.

The combination of metal to metal wear and the grinding paste cause excessive wear to bronze bushes and to the hard-chromed shafts.

Nylon split bushes have been tried as an alternative. But nylon swells and softens because it absorbs water. This leads to nylon bushes seizing and wearing, as well as causing excessive wear to the hard-chromed columns.

Manufacturers of brick making machines have found that Vesconite split bushes give extended bush life with the least possible shaft wear. One manufacturer reports four times longer life with Vesconite split bushes.

Advantages of Vesconite bushes
  • Longer life than bronze and nylon bushes
  • Much less sensitive to dirt and abrasion
  • Needs no lubrication - eliminates grinding paste
  • Do not swell in wet conditions
  • Longer life for hard-chromed columns

VescoPolycap and Ultrablack Rope Guides
VescoPlastics also supply vertical rope guides for brick making machines made from VescoPolycap and Ultrablack. Here a tough material is necessary but swelling is not relevant. Machined to size with grooves, they are ready-to-fit.

VescoPolycap is used for heavy duty machines while Ultrablack is ideal for light duty machines.