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Chain Tensioner for Roller Table (VescoPolycap)

The rollers on the roller table are chain driven. Frequently the chain would stretch, jump off the sprockets on the rollers, and in some instances cause damage to the sprockets or cause the chain to break.

To avoid this problem a chain tensioner was developed and placed at various intervals to take up the slack of the stretched chain. VescoPolycap (OD 100 mm x ID 16 mm - 30 mm long)(OD 4" x ID 0.6" - 1.2" long) was chosen as the material for the wheels of the chain tensioner. A life of three years for the VescoPolycap chain tensioner wheels was obtained.

As a result of using a VescoPolycap chain tensioner

  • A much longer chain and sprocket life has been obtained - no chains or sprockets were replaced for three years