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Chute Liners (Vescolene Ultrablack)

Logs approximately 1,5 metres (5') long , 150 mm (6") in diameter and weighing about 25 kg (55lbs)are dropped from saws to the ground via chutes made from 15 mm (0.6")steel plate.

A log this size falling down a chute causes considerable damage - to the extent that a full time team dedicated to repairing chutes when the mill was not in operation had to be employed. This meant overtime work after hours and over weekends which was extremely costly.

In an effort to cut down on this expensive repair work the chutes were lined with Vescolene Ultrablack (15 mm (0.6") thick).

The change to Ultrablack lined chutes resulted in the following improvements:

  • No full time maintenance team required
  • No damage to the chutes after four years service
  • Noise levels reduced
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