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Vesconite inexpensively replaces ball bearings in sewage clarifier turntable

Water and sewage clarifiers of the circular tank variety normally utilize a centrally mounted turntable upon which a rotating bridge is mounted, driven at the tank periphery by a traction wheel drive assembly.

The central turntable is normally an imported precision two part casting incorporating a machined race and ball bearings. The bottom casting is stationary and the top casting rotates. Loads vary from 1 to 10 tons at a very slow rotational speed. This costly unit is exposed to the atmosphere and requires lubrication to ensure correct operation and a long life.

A fabricated steel turntable incorporating machined Vesconite disks 50 mm in diameter and 20 mm thick (2" diameter and 0.8" thick) was designed. This turntable was fixed to the top rotating element and sliding on the bottom stationary element.

The disks were spaced equally around a machined track and easily carried the super-imposed load as a result of the exceptional load bearing characteristics of Vesconite.

The Vesconite turntable has been in operation 24 hours a day for 2 years without lubrication in an aggressive atmosphere at a large industrial complex.

The disk dimension makes provision for 5 mm (0.2") of wear before replacement becomes necessary. Replacement is a simple and relatively inexpensive operation.