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Vesconite Hilube Articulation joint bushes

Vesconite Hilube used to replace phosphor bronze in oscillation joint of articulated dump trucks.

Vesconite Hilube material has been successfully used for oscillating joint bushes in articulated dump trucks. These vehicles are exposed to harsh operating conditions, where dust and water are often encountered in the working environment. Vesconite Hilube material is not affected by moisture, therefore, no swelling or softening of the material is experienced.

As Vesconite Hilube is a low friction material with self lubricating properties, greasing periods could be extended compared to those necessary for phosphor bronze bushes.

The long service life of the Vesconite Hilube bushes and the reduction in maintenance, is ensured even at higher operating cycles and in continuous operation.

The benefits of Vesconite Hilube bushes for the user:

  • savings on lubricants
  • less downtime of machines
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • longer life for mating surfaces