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Vesconite for king pin bushes on forklift

Vesconite bushes solve needle roller bearing problems in forklift kingpins under difficult conditions.

Forklift steer axles typically are factory fitted with needle roller kingpin bearings. These bearings are prone to wear especially in dirty environments.
Kingpin Assembly

Steer axle

Vesconite was installed on a 2.5 ton Yale forklift working in a metal recycling plant. Vesconite replaced the kingpin bushes and kingpin thrust rings. The forklift truck worked 3 shifts per day, often over broken concrete sections.

Vesconite kingpin bushes and thrust rings

The factory fitted OEM needle roller bearings lasted 2 months under these conditions.

Vesconite kingpin bushes inspected after 4 years of operation were still fine.

Vesconite offers a long life even when lubrication is not reliable.

Vesconite better than the original.