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Grader Pivot Pin Bush

A South African manufacturer of graders, road rollers and hydraulic cranes was looking for a bushing material which could withstand hard dry soils and abrasive dusts.

Comprehensive testing proved that Vesconite offered a preferable alternative to bronze for many bushes in graders.

Applications included :

  • Axle yoke and tie bar bush
  • Head block pivot pin
  • Front axle bush
  • Support assembly/console bush

Vesconite bushes have proved superior to previous bushes used on all pivot points, particularly in the front axle area which is subject to high wear due to exceptional exposure to dirt and high loads.

An important benefit is the fact that should lubrication be neglected, Vesconite bushes continue to operate with minimum wear.

Advantages of Vesconite in grader applications include

  • Long life - high wear of bronze avoided
  • Resists dirty and dusty conditions
  • Survives lubrication neglect