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Grid roller swivel hitch coupling

Vesconite solved swivel hitch coupling wear on grid rollers used to break up and compact rocks for example in road building, even without greasing.

The grid roller is towed behind a vehicle connected via the swivel hitch.

The pin through the swivel is made of EN19 steel. Originally the bush was made of steel. A high wear rate occurred due to the harsh conditions and because of the lack of lubrication. Bronze replacement bushes also gave a high wear rate due to the poor lubrication.

The grid roller was used at a diamond mine in Botswana and was used to compact deep sections of rock causing high impact loads.

Bush size : 80 x 60 - 130 mm long.

The bush was not lubricated on site.

The Vesconite bush had been in operation for over 5 months in these harsh conditions when the roller required a service. The Vesconite bush was still in an acceptable condition.