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A-Z Sucess Stories / Industry Applications

5th Wheel Bushes for Oshkosh 66 Ton Truck
30 and 50 hp Joy winches
A    Archimedes Screw 1
Archimedes Screw 2
Articulation joint bushes in dump trucks
Arts and Crafts
B    Backactor and front end loader pivot bushes
Ball Bearings replaced with Vesconite in Sewerage Clarifier Turntable
Ball Valves
Blade Bracket Bushes
Bascule Bridge
Boiler Feeder Pump
Blow moulding machine platen guide bushes
Brake Beam Guides
Brake Caliper Bushes for Winders
Brake winch guide rollers in cranes
Brake Rigging Levers
Brick Making Machines
C    Centre Bowl Liners
Centre lathe steady bushes
Chain Conveyor Scraper Blocks for Chip Bin Conveyor (Vescolene Ultrablack)
Chain idler bushes for sewerage treatment plant
Chute Liners (Vescolene Ultrablack)
Chain Tensioner for Roller Table (VescoPolycap)
Container Ship
Container Ship 2
Container Ship / Multi Purpose Ship
Container Reefer
Cooling water pumps
Cooling water pumps 2
Cross Anchor Bushes
Cup Seals on Oxygen and Nitrogen Compressors
Cylinder Support Arm Bush for Wright Grader
D Disabled drivers use Vesconite as integral part of conversion kit
Drill rig guide facing
Drilling rig hydraulic hosereel rollers
Dutch Royal Family Private Yacht - De Groene Daeck
E End Plate Bearing for Linck Board Edger
Escalator chains
F Fast Ferry
Filter Oscillating Bearing
Fish farm bushings give long life
Fishing vessel
Flanged pivot bearing on container trailers
Fly Wheel and Gear Shaft Bushes
Forklift Mast Slides
Framesaw Feed Roller Bushes
Framesaw Spacer Blocks
Framesaw Slippers (Hitemp 150)
Front Assembly Bush for Cat 140 Grader
Frontend Loader Arm Bushes for Cat 966 C
Front Suspension Pivot Bush for Back Hoe Loader
Front Suspension Radius Arm Bushes
G Gas Tanker
Gear Lever Bushes in Champion Cab
Grader Pivot Pin Bush
Grid roller swivel hitch coupling
Ground Drill Bush for Unimog Ground Drill
H Hanger Bush for Cat Grader
Hopper Door Bushes
I Insulation for Signalling Systems
J Jet rig mobile miner
Jetto Skip Door Hinge and Arm Bushes
Jetto Skip Body Hinge Bushes
K King Pin and Centre Cone Bushes for Champion Grader
Knuckle Pin Bush
L Large DoubleToggle Jaw Crusher Bearings
Lifting Fork Bushes and Distance Pieces (VescoPolycap)
Log Edger Bearing
M Milling machine guide strips
Mine Winder clutch Silent block assembly (Vescoflex)
Monorope Pully Bushes
Motor Axle Bushes for Battery Locomotives
MT Irini
Multi Cross Cut Lifting Mechanism
Multi Purpose Ship
N Naval Vessel
Norwegian Container Reefer
Nose Bearing in Pneumatic Cylinder
Nozzle Rudder
P Pan Skip Back Shaft Bush
Pedestal Liners
Peripheral Grinder Bush
Pivot Bush for Log Handling Machine
Pressure Roller for Textile Mill
Points Blade Roller for Signals Department
R Railway Turnout switch bushings
Ram Pivot Bush
Renewable Bush on Multistage MRA Pump
Replacement for king pin bushes on Forklifts
Ripper Linkages for Graders and Front End Loaders
Robbins Vertical Raise Borer Stabilizer Rod Bushes
Rockdrill Airleg Bush
Roller Chains on Scraper Reclaimers
Rose joint collars on steering links of front end loader
Rotary Drum Filters Header Valve Disk in Ultrablack
Rotary Drum Filters Rake Arm Bushes
Rotor Scoop Bushes
RP Jackson and marine stern tube bushes
Rubber Masticating Mill
S Scissor Lifts
Saw Spacers for Linck Board Edger (VescoPolycap)
Screw Conveyor in Cement Batching Plant
Shackle bushes for 4X4 and 4X2
Sintered Metal Bushes
Shaker Plate for Framesaw
Sliding Worm Drive Shaft Bush
Sliding Plate improves steel decoiler performance
Superclad bearings
Suspension bushes for heavy transport vehicles
Swing Jaw Crusher
Synthetic Ivory & Ebony
T Tandem Bush for Wright Grader
Tandem Hanger Bush for Oshkosh 66 Ton Trailer
Tipper Dolly Wheel Bushes for Ore Hoppers
Trunion Bearing for Oliver Bateman Filters
Tube Mill Labyrinth Seal
U Underground Drill Rig Boom Slides
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine bushes
V Vanes for rotary air motors, vacuum pumps, exhausters, air blowers and compressors
Vertical circulating water pump
Vertical spindle sump pumps
W Water pumps at power station
Water pumps required to run dry
Wear Strips under Chain Conveyors
Wheel Bush for Kiln Drying Bogey Wheels
Westinghouse Vacuum Brake Controller