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Vesconite bearings for 30 and 50 hp Joy winches

Vesconite bearing inserts, first tested in 1973, were approved by Joy Manufacturing Company for the 30 hp model N212 foot mounted scraper winches. Vesconite replaced the original B6460 bearing.

Since then thousands of Vesconite bearings have operated successfully, proof of the outstanding wear qualities of Vesconite.

It is the only non-metallic plain bearing material to succeed in this application.

The new Vesconite Hilube 200mm (8") bearing insert extends the scope of this conversion to the heavier duty 50 hp Joy model JN winches.

This is possible because of Vesconite Hilube's substantially increased load-speed (PV) capacity.

Vesconite Hilube has set new standards of life for pedestal bearings.

Vesconite Bearings

The Vesconite bearing insert replaces the steel rollers. It can be supplied as a complete bearing unit with new inner and outer steel races. The Vesconite bearing provides a direct replacement for the B6460 bearing. In some cases it can be fitted to the original inner and outer races.

Thrust Washers

VescoPlastics also pioneered extended life Vesconite thrust washers as a replacement for the bronze thrust washers (part nos. 609 HA and 778 HA).

Advantages of the Vesconite bearing conversion include

  • Longer life than the roller bearing
  • Much less sensitive to dirty, and major cause of bearing failure
  • Readily available from local manufacturer