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Knuckle Pin Bush

Knuckle Pin Bush

Ore falls through the flask door into the waiting skip below which is opened. Knuckle pin bushes are used in the opening mechanism of the flask door.

Previously bronze bushes were used in the knuckle pin joints. They required two bushes with outside diameters of 55 mm (2.2"), inside diameters of 38 mm (1.5") and 20 mm (0.8") long, and another bush with a 55 mm (2.2") outside diameter, an inside diameter of 38 mm (1.5") and 40 mm (1.57") long.

This is a very dirty application. Due to their position these bushes were not lubricated. Consequently the bronze bushes did not have a long life.

Vesconite bushes have been fitted and give a much longer life than phosphor bronze.