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Lifting Fork Bushes and Distance Pieces (VescoPolycap)

The 910, 920 and 930 Caterpillars operate in bushland conditions, characterised by sawdust, dust and mud. The lifting fork bushes are poorly lubricated, either due to blocked or broken lubrication nipples or even neglect. This resulted in excessive bush and shaft wear and a great deal of difficulty in adjusting the distance pieces.

Due to the excessive shaft and bush wear the lifting fork steel bush was replaced with a VescoPolycap bush (OD 80 mm x ID 60 mm - 150 mm long)(OD 3.2" x ID 2.4" - 6" long).

The change to VescoPolycap bushes resulted in the following improvements:

  • Reduced lubrication
  • No difficulty in adjusting the forks
  • Life expectancy of VescoPolycap bush more than four times that of the steel bush
  • Savings on shafts and bushes
  • Less maintenance labour
  • Reduced downtime and greater plant availability