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Log Edger Bearing

An imported linear bearing was used which proved expensive and difficult to obtain. The bearing ran on an expensive EN26 metal shaft. Due to the awkward position of the bearing it received little or no lubrication. The combination of poor lubrication and saw dust resulted in an unacceptably short bearing life. At times bearing failure led to damage to the EN26 shaft - a highly undesirable consequence due to the cost of the shaft.

Due to the high cost, the difficulty in obtaining the linear bearing and the damage to the shaft, the bearing was replaced with a bush made from Vesconite (OD 62 mm x ID 40 mm - 80 mm long)(2.44" x 1.5" - 3.2" long). The change to Vesconite allowed for the use of a Bright Steel shaft instead of the EN26 shaft.

This change to Vesconite resulted in the following improvements:

  • Lower cost
  • No shaft damage
  • Vesconite bush lasted three times longer than linear bearing
  • No lubrication required
  • Replacement of the EN26 metal shaft by a less expensive Bright Steel shaft