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Luxury Cruising Sailing Yacht

Three Vesconite bearings locate a 1.75" (44.45mm) diameter SAF 2205 duplex stainless steel shaft as part of the propulsion system on a luxury cruising yacht.

This $2.6 million yacht has been designed and developed to create an owner operated, thrilling sailing machine that is luxurious, comfortable and fast.

This yacht is described as a design that is

"as flexible as possible without sacrificing any level of ergonomic comfort, aesthetics or functionality.

"The convergence of talents and focus...has created something special.... She is designed singularly to be a thrilling sailing machine for experienced owners who may crave the peace and intimacy that comes on a yacht designed to be sailed without crew.

"The designers dictated that she be the largest platform that could still be easily handled by a couple, that she be aggressively fast, stiff and stable and that she offer luxurious accommodations that are practical for extended offshore voyaging. And finally, they dictated that she offer an engine room of full beam proportions and first class systems to support the concept of an owner-operated, easy to maintain and fully functioning home at sea.

"She has also been chosen as one of five finalists in the Best Sail 23m to 36m category for the 1997 International Superyacht Design Awards by the Superyacht Society."

This yacht

"offers an alternative to yachtsmen that rivals the best from the finest European yards in systems engineering and construction execution."