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Vesconite Rudder Bearing fitted in Naval Vessel

Date: 19.03.99
Application: Rudder Bearing
Pieces: 2
Sizes:272 x 233 x 268 mm (10.7 x 9.2 x 10.6")

Originally built in 1984 by the Norwegian Shipyard Arendal for off shore purposes. As may be seen from the picture this vessel was designed for off shore supply tasks.

After being active in the original Nordic area the ship was used in Tanzania for humanitarian missions until 1990.

When the Dutch Navy was looking for a replacement vessel for missions in the Caribbean, the ship was bought from its Norwegian owner and extensively renovated for naval purposes. The vessel went into service during the summer of 1991 after months of hard work.

Length 46,2 mm
Width 10,6 mm
Draft 3,4 mm
Speed 10 knots
Crew 13

After the rudder bearing wore out prematurely, Vesconite was fitted because of the non swell properties and dimensional stability of the material.