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Vesconite Sterntube Bearings Fitted to Multi Purpose Ship

Transporting the rudder bearing

Date: 09.11.02
Application: Rudder Bearing
Pieces: 2
Sizes: 480 x 400 x 530 mm
19 x 16 x 21"

170 x 135 x 300 mm
7 x 5 x 5"

130 x 85 x 125 mm
5 x 3 x 5"

The Norwegian Container Reefer was built in 1994 and was originally equipped with Polyamide B material. During a recent docking it was discovered that the bush had worn prematurely.

The Vesconite bush was ordered on a Saturday in order to speedily repair this unexpected surprise. Machining was done on Sunday and installation the day after.

The bronze bushes in the flap mechanism were also replaced by Vesconite bushes. The self lubricating properties of the material ensures smoother running and thus less wear and costs