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Vesconite Hilube solves bearing problem in ball valves by replacing acetal

Vesconite used to replace phosphor bronze platen guide bushes on blow moulding machines.

Platen guide bush bracket showing two Vesconite split bushes and chrome guide columns.

A company producing expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam moulded products kept encountering problems of final product contamination, caused by the lubrication necessary for sliding operation of the bronze bushes installed in the platens of their equipment. The EPS moulding machines used by this company are all EA Heitz equipment.

Lubrication had to be eliminated to prevent contamination and rejection of client products.

View of the complete platen which moves backwards and forwards along the chromed guide columns.

Vesconite self-lubricating bushes were installed into the platens. These bushes guide the platen along hard chromed columns when clamping action takes place. Owing to the ability of Vesconite to operate unlubricated, any contamination of the moulded products through contact with the columns or from dripping lubricants is eliminated, as the columns are free of any oil or grease.

The long service life of the Vesconite bushes and the freedom from maintenance is ensured even at higher cycle sequences and in continuous operation.

The benefits of Vesconite bushes for the user:

  • no rejects caused by contamination
  • savings on lubricants
  • less downtime of machines
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • longer life for the hard chromed columns