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Rudder Bearings

Motor Cruiser Rudder Bearings

Since 1986 a Melbourne company have successfully been fitting Vesconite for top rudder bearings on 28ft and 45ft motor cruisers.

Ferry Rudder Bearings

Vesconite rudder bushes have been fitted top and bottom on ferries in Brisbane, Australia. The Vesconite replaced polyurethane bushes which failed in 6 weeks.

The ferries operate in a very harsh environment with a lot of full lock/full throttle turning takeoffs. There is also a lot of load and vibration.

Trawler Rudder Bearings

Large standard Vesconite rudder bushes were fitted both top and bottom to a 35m (115') trawler in Tasmania in 1997. The bushes were 250 mm x 170 mm x 1000 mm (10" x 6.7" x 39.4"). No replacement had been necessary by 1999.

Yacht Rudder Bearings

An ocean going yacht has successfully been using Vesconite for the top rudder bearing and Vesconite Hilube for the lower bearing for a number of years.

Rudder and Propellor Bushes

Vesconite has been used with a great deal of success for a few years on rudder and propeller bushes in Darwin, Northern Territories, Australia.

All the vessels using Vesconite are still in use, some for over 2 years.

The ease of machining and fitting Vesconite is a big advantage.