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Saw Spacers for Linck Board Edger (VescoPolycap)

The boards cut on the CS16 Board Edger must meet standard sizes to comply with SABS specifications, so spacers made from a stable, rigid material are required. Originally mild steel was used but every time a spacer was dislodged it would fall on to the conveyor which carried offcuts and sawdust to the chipper, thus causing considerable damage to the chipper. A metal detector was installed but when any metal was detected the whole line from the infeed to the Board Edger to the Chipper Bin would automatically shut down causing a tremendous amount of downtime.

Due to the amount of downtime and the damage to the chipper the mild steel spacers were replaced with VescoPolycap spacers (150 mm x 130 mm - from 5 to 40 mm thick)(6" x 5" - from 0.20" to 1.5" thick).

The change from metal spacers to VescoPolycap resulted in the following improvements:

  • Damage to chipper due to spacers eliminated
  • Reduced downtime