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Shaker Plate for Framesaw (Vescolene Ultrablack)

The Esterer Framesaw shaker plate is used to catch the saw dust produced by the framesaw. The saw dust is then transferred by a conveyor belt away from the mill. Logs occasionally fall through onto the shaker plate resulting in dents or tears of the shaker plate metal. The torn or dented shaker plate in turn would then scrape up against the conveyor belt located just below it, causing damage or unnecessary wear. This resulted in repairs at least every two weeks. In addition the dents and repairs on the shaker board caused the saw dust to clog up and the shaker board to no longer work as effectively as it should.

Due to the high maintenance of the steel shaker plate it was replaced with a Vescolene Ultrablack plate (2000 mm x 1000 mm x 20 mm)(78.7" x 39.4" x 0.8").

The change to Vescolene Ultrablack has resulted in the following improvements:

  • Eliminated the damage and wear to the conveyor belt previously caused by the shaker plate
  • Shaker plate works effectively without any clogging problems
  • To date maintenance free - no downtime
  • Saving on shaker arms and bushes due to lighter shaker plate