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Sliding Worm Drive Shaft Bush for Clarifiers

Vesconite was used to replace the bronze bush on a sliding worm drive shaft of a Primary Clarifier which helps to settle solids out of the water at a sewerage plant.

The high tensile steel shaft turns at 100 rpm, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lubrication of the bronze bush is supposed to be done regularly, but often does not happen or is neglected, leading to a high wear rate.

Fitting a Vesconite bush 60 mm (2.4") outside, 50 mm (2") inside diameter and 130 mm (5") long successfully overcame the problem of wear on the high tensile steel shaft.

Advantages of fitting Vesconite:

  • Vesconite gives up to ten times longer wear life than bronze in poorly lubricated conditions
  • Much lower friction - requires little or no lubrication
  • Greatly reduced wear on the high tensile steel shaft
  • Lower cost and easier to machine than bronze
  • No expensive shaft damage if lubrication is unreliable