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Suspension bushes for heavy transport vehicles

To compare the performance of Vesconite and OEM bronze bushes, hanger and spring eye bushes in Vesconite and bronze were fitted to an RE 29 Leyland petrol tanker used in the Northern Cape. Vesconite was fitted to the off road side, the side where bush wear is generally highest. The bronze bushes were fitted to the road side.

Regular greasing of the hanger and spring eye bushes through the nipples should be carried out. But in practice lubrication is often neglected.

Worn bronze bushes.

A high proportion of the roads used by the tanker in this trial were dirt roads. This means that the bushes were subjected to excessive dirt and dust. The tanker was in almost constant use, making the trial a severe one.

After two years the bushes on the tanker were inspected. The bronze bushes were completely worn out. As may be seen in the photograph some had worn through to the housing.

Severe pin wear and even housing damage occurred. All the pins had to be replaced.

The Vesconite bushes were still working well with less than 0,2mm (0.008") wear measured. Negligible pin wear was found on the Vesconite side and the pins could be reused.

Bronze could not survive the dirt, dust and infrequent greasing. The ability of Vesconite to withstand the effects of dust, dirt and a lack of grease is illustrated particularly well in this application.

Vesconite bushes with less than 0.2mm wear measured after 2 years operation.

Advantages of Vesconite

  • Withstands the effects of dust, dirt and lack of grease
  • Does not cause the mating surfaces to wear