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Vesconite Sterntube Bearings fitted to Damaged Tanker

After a tanker ran aground in 1997, Intertech supplied the new Sterntube Bearing during her repair period in 2001.

Date: 22.03.02
Application: Sterntube Bearings
Pieces: 1
Sizes: 513 x 448 x 600 mm (20.2 x 17.6 x 23.6")

This vessel ran aground near the coast of Venezuela, causing a spill of crude oil within territorial waters. The captain was imprisoned for approximately 8 years for allegedly not following correct regulations.

After the ship was lifted and the remaining oil removed from the tanks, the vessel was moved to a nearby yard for repair work. The owner of the ship chose Vesconite for the stern tube bearing because of the favourable properties of the material when used in a water lubricated stern tube application.