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Vanes for rotary air motors, vacuum pumps, exhausters, air blowers and compressors

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The performance and service life of rotary vane motors depends largely on the quality and precision of the blade used. Different conditions of service are best met by proper selection of long life, low friction materials.

Vesco Plastics has produced non metallic vanes for many years supplying both the original equipment and replacement markets.

Five different materials are offered according to application requirements, resulting in many times longer vane life and reduced wear on cylinders, to give far better overall performance on equipment.


For low friction and long life wear under moderate impact conditions at temperatures up to 110°C/230°F. Also minimises cylinder wear and is recommended where lubrication is uncertain.

Available in a wide range of sizes, easily machined and well priced.

APPLICATIONS: Air motors, exhausters, blowers, first stage of two stage compressors.

Vesconite Hilube:

An advanced material for lowest friction and outstanding wear life at temperatures up to 110°C/230°F. Probably gives the lowest cylinder wall wear of any material on the market. Recommended where lubrication is not possible or uncertain and high equipment life is wanted.

Available in wide range of sizes, easily machined and well priced.

APPLICATIONS: Air motors, exhausters, blowers, first stage of two stage compressors.

Hitemp 150:

Specially formulated for high rigidity, self lubricated, low friction, low wear, good dimensional stability, and low wear of cylinder walls. A heavy duty material well suited to higher operating temperatures up to 160°C/320°F. A long life replacement for laminates.

APPLICATIONS: Compressors (first and second stage), vacuum pumps, etc.

Hitemp 230:

A "Space Age" material. High dimensional stability, low friction, self lubricated, relatively high temperature limits (up to 230°C/450°F) and outstanding wear resistance.

APPLICATIONS: As a replacement for carbon vanes in unlubricated equipment, small compressors and for high temperature applications.

Polycap 120: A very tough, low wear traditional material, suitable for temperatures up to 130°C/270°F, rough conditions and uncritical tolerances.

Dimensional changes are likely under humid conditions.

APPLICATIONS: Air motors, exhausters, blowers.

Material Colour Dry flexural modulus kg/cm² MPa Deflection temp at 1.85 MPa Coefficient of thermal expansion x 105 mm/mm/°C Immersed water absorption 24 hrs Guide operating temp limit
VESCONITE Charcoal 3,000 93°C 6 0.1 110°C
VESCONITE HILUBE White 3,000 117°C 6 0.1 110°C
HITEMP 150 Rust brown 8,000 250°C 4 0.5 150°C
HITEMP 230 Dark brown 15,000 256°C 2 0.1 230°C
POLYCAP V White 2,800 100°C 9 1.5 130°C

Operating Temperature Material Recommended
Air motors, Exhausters, Blowers

Compressors: 1st stage

Up to 100°C/212°F

Up to 130°C/270°F

Vesconite, Vesconite Hilube

Polycap 120

Vacuum pumps

Compressors: 2nd stage (Fibre vane replacement)

Up to 160°C/320°F


Hitemp 150, Polycap 120

Hitemp 230

Unlubricated vacuum pumps and compressors (Carbon vane replacement) Up to 170°C/340°F Hitemp 230


  • Rotor slot width and length
  • Width of vane
  • Estimated operating temperature
  • Existing material
  • Type of lubrication available
  • Cause of failure (if any) of existing material
  • Drawing or sample
  • Number of vanes required (per order or per year)
  • Equipment type