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Vertical spindle sump pumps working in dirty water conditions in a paper manufacturing plant

Pump speed: 1200 RPM
Pumped medium: Dirty water
Pump length: 4 m (13.12')
Shaft size: 75 mm (3")
Housing size: 110 mm (4")
Bearing length: 250 mm (10")

Vesconite bearings were fitted as shaft support bearings to 3 sump pumps used in the paper industry. Vesconite was chosen because it is readily available in a wide range of sizes, improves on the performance of traditional materials and is competitively priced.

The bearings were fitted into a steel insert which fitted between the flanges joining the column stages of the pump.

The bearings were lubricated with semi clean process water fed into the bearing through the flange.

Spiral grooves were machined into the bearing to allow a good flow of water.

2 of the 3 pumps worked successfully for over one year without any problems.

The bearings on the third pump failed due to the lubrication water being turned off. This lack of cooling water resulted in the bearing overheating. Even with the failure of the bearing, the shaft was hardly damaged and could be used again when the new bearings were installed.

New Vesconite bearings were installed with additional grooving to allow more cooling water to flow over the bearing. In grooving design, it is important to ensure that there is a suitable flow across the bearing. The number and size of the grooves are therefore important to successful operation of water lubricated pump bearings.

Vesconite and more so Vesconite Hilube are internally lubricated polymers. They have an excellent ability to overcome a temporary dry running situation caused by a dry start, pump snoring or suspension of lubrication water feed.