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VESCOFLEX Shackle Bushes for 4 x 4's and 4 x 2's

Independent tests prove VESCOFLEX durability

Independent tests conducted by Toyota have proved that VESCOFLEX suspension bushes give the longest life in demanding conditions. After the tests, the verdict was "the best results were obtained from a material known as Vescoflex"

Sydney to London - Vesconite suspension bushes after 20 000 km still going strong and outperforming the competition.

VESCOFLEX proved for 20 years

VESCOFLEX bushes have been proved for over twenty years. Originally developed for Toyota Land Cruisers, VESCOFLEX bushes are proving increasingly popular with many 4 x 4 and 4 x 2 owners.

Heavy duty VESCOFLEX for severe and dusty conditions Poor roads and off-road driving lead to excessive wear of suspension bushes. VESCOFLEX extra long life, heavy duty bushes are needed when vehicles operate under severe conditions and where excessive abrasive dust is present.

Vescoflex outlasts rubber and polyurethane VESCOFLEX shackle bushes perform outstandingly in tough conditions, giving many times the life of standard bushes and polyurethane bushes. Vescoflex has a higher loading capacity than rubber and polyurethane, an important factor for highly loaded shackle bushes.

VESCOFLEX for better handling

High performance VESCOFLEX is favoured by rally drivers because it gives better road handling when the going gets tough.

VESCOFLEX for oil resistance

VESCOFLEX bushes are not damaged by oil or grease, unlike standard rubber bushes.

Ready-to-fit bushes and machinable rod available

A wide range of VESCOFLEX ready-to-fit bushes are available for Toyota, Colt, Isuzu, Nissan, Mazda, Ford and Pajero. VESCOFLEX may also be purchased in 35, 50 and 70 mm rod for do it yourself machining.