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VESCONITE Rudder and Stern tube bushes

Advantages of Vesconite - Classification Society Approvals - Field Trials of Vesconite Stern Tube Bushes -

What is Vesconite?
VESCONITE is a specialised thermoplastic made from internally lubricated polymers. Proven since the 1960s, Vesconite is an exceptional plain bearing material. It gives long life in applications where only the lowest wear rates can be allowed, even when the application is poorly lubricated and dirty.

Vesconite is ideal for many marine applications. It is suited to both dry and immersed applications - in fact water is an excellent lubricant.

Vesconite is extensively used for rudder and stern tube bearings. Vesconite's internal lubricants make it eminently suited to upper rudder bearing applications where there are long periods between greasing or no greasing at all, or where water lubrication cannot be ensured when operating with light ballasts.

The hundreds of vessels equipped with Vesconite during the last 15 years - ranging from pleasure boats to tankers - testify to the desirability of long life, low maintenance Vesconite in marine applications.

Advantages of Vesconite
In stern tube and rudder bushes, Vesconite has many advantages compared to elastomers, phenolic laminates, phosphor bronze and lignum vitae. Vesconite combines many of the advantages of metallic and non-metallic bearings and bushes. It has a design load limit higher than for white metal. Vesconite gives up to 10 times the service life of phosphor bronze in poorly lubricated conditions.

Vesconite has a much lower friction and better wear resistance than most laminates, elastomers and nylons. In rudder applications, the low static and dynamic coefficients of friction of Vesconite mean lower power requirements for the steering gear.

Further Advantages
Vesconite has negligible water absorption characteristics unlike nylon, certain elastomer and phenolic laminate products. Vesconite does not delaminate.

Vesconite does not contain asbestos or other fibres. It is easy and safe to machine on standard metalworking and woodworking machinery. Vesconite bushes are easily installed and removed.

Vesconite is resistant to acids, solvents, hydrocarbons, oils and fuels. It is not susceptible to electrolytic corrosion. In addition to the low wear rate experienced by Vesconite bushes, users report greatly reduced wear rates on metal journal surfaces such as propeller shaft liners.

Classification Society Approvals
Vesconite has been given approval by most of the ship classification societies, including:

  • American Bureau of Shipping
  • Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia
  • Bureau Veritas
  • China Classification Society
  • China Corporation Register of Shipping
  • Germanischer Lloyd
  • Korean Register of Shipping
  • Lloyd's Register
  • Nippon Kaiji Kyokai

Field Trials of Vesconite Stern Tube Bushes
The long service life of Vesconite stern tube bushes is demonstrated by 15 years of experimental and survey results obtained from the RP Jackson, a harbour pilot cutter.

The RP Jackson sails in and off Durban harbour in waters with high concentrations of abrasive, suspended sand particles arising from propeller wash.

Superior wear figures of 1.5 to 3.0 mm (0.060" - 0.118") were obtained after each 5 year period of service. These wear figures were remarkably low given the sandy harbour waters the Jackson operates in.

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