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You know VESCONITE for it's reliability and plus performance. You may even have gone to the trouble of controlled tests, to prove it to yourself. Then comes the `EQUIVALENT`, and back to square one.

Although other materials may be claimed to be similar, and may even have the same appearance, their properties are likely to be widely different as will be seen by comparing properties.

VESCONITE is registered in most industrial countries of the world, because there is no equivalent to the VESCONITE product range. The following case histories involved the supply of a similar looking plastic material, where VESCONITE had been previously proved and specified - the results speak for themselves.

Sugar Mill Screw Conveyor Hanger Bush Results : Bush seized.
Sheave Wheel Bush Results : Bush spread and failed within a week.
Suspension Shackle Bush Results : Excessive pin wear. Bush spread under load.

If you require :

  • High load carrying capacity.
  • Dimensional stability, even under immersed conditions.
  • Long life of both bush and shaft.
  • Low friction even without lubrication.


Place some battery acid on the part to be tested, NYLON will be attacked within 15 minutes, VESCONITE will remain untouched.


A sample of VESCONITE material dropped in Glycerine will sink to the bottom, most other plastic materials will float.

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