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Health and Safety

Vesconite being a thermoplastic polyester based product is a particularly safe product to handle.

  • It does not contain any asbestos or other dangerous fillers which could cause a problem to persons machining the product.
  • The product can be considered safe for ingestion, and it does not pose a carcinogenic risk.
  • Vesconite does not present a hazard in handling as the constituents are not considered skin irritants or sensitisers.
  • Vesconite shavings and other waste products, can be safely left in landfills as it will remain virtually unchanged for very longs periods, without giving rise to problems of leaking into ground waters.

  • A high temperature is required to ignite Vesconite, which has a melting point of 260C. Vesconite therefore has a limited fire risk, but normal good housekeeping precautions should be used in respect of machined shavings, etc, as like most organic materials it will burn once ignited above 500C.
  • It is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen which produce carbon dioxide and water vapour on burning, the respiratory gases of mammals.
  • Should a fire involving Vesconite occur, any commonly available fire extinguishers can be used.
  • Care should thus be taken to avoid direct contact of molten material on the skin, as it will then be hot enough to adhere to the skin and cause severe burns.
  • In a fire situation, care should be taken to avoid breathing the products of combustion.
  • Vesconite Standard contains Molydbenum disulphide, which is considered safe in a fire situation.
  • Vesconite Hilube contains P.T.F.E. (Teflon) which is liable to evolve small amounts of Fluorine at high temperatures (above 400C).